Your first foray into online gaming


Here’s a question… What was your first memories of online gaming? What were your first games?

For me, I started playing DooM and Age of Empires… technically not on the internet, but via a serial cable direct between my old 486 and my dad’s laptop…

I remember in days of 56k modems and shitty freeserve my mate Johnny’s folks at upper school got 128K ISDN or early fibre… was like ‘wow!’ - So many lunchtimes at school were spent going to his and watching MTV (my parents only have 4 channels) and playing Star Wars Dark Forces on BT Wireplay (who the fuck remembers that eh?)

It was fucking terrible but equally fucking amazing. Laggy as hell - but we were in fucking AWE at the fact we were playing other people over the internet… MiNd BlOwN!

So who play what first?


Half Life and Counterstrike back in the Beta 1.4 (back when the M4 had a suppressor) days.

Dial-up 28K modem that I used to muffle with a massive pillow because I could only get a chance to play super late at night. I used to sneak downstairs when I was 14 to play. I learnt to adapt to my ping of 200+ ms to lead my target in CS just to get a shot on target. Used to be in a crowd called AKUK (Ass Kickers UK), but then they all started taking it far too seriously and I returned to Half Life deathmatch rocking the MP5 all the way.

Shortly after Half Life Opposing Force was released, I found a 56K modem in dads office and I thought it was like driving a ferarri in comparison! I think I used that modem for a veeeeeery long time, possibly even into my first dabbling with BF1.

Fun side-note: I stole that copy of Half Life back in 1998, when I was going through a phase of kleptomania. Didn’t even know anything about the game, it was just positioned nicely in the book centre where I stole it and couldn’t help myself. :smiley:


Dial-up 28K UT99 sniping on Deck 16 getting raged at constantly.


Fuck. Trying to steer the Redeemer with lag…


You know what? I’m going to get gushy: My first proper multiplayer experience was all thanks to @NaloaC introducing me to ZiiP.

It’s a fucking wonderful event that I’ll treasure forever: I was neck deep in the BF3 thread on ShitTech bitching about some trivial bullshit I didn’t want to change from the previous BF games (If only I knew what was to come!!!), getting fucking slammed by a massive group of fuck-nuggets and all of a sudden I have a PM.

It was Naloac, telling me to chill the fuck out and to ignore the baiting, trolling bastards giving me shit.

A couple of messages later and I finally have some understanding what the fuck ‘ZiiP’ is and why the fuck Naloac has it in his sig.

“Come on over, sign up and have a chat with us guys” - Naloac says.

“Yeah I will” - I says.

I nearly fucking didn’t. Ever so nearly. If it weren’t for the fact that Caolan came across as so fucking genuine I would never have even looked ZiiP up, let alone joined and triggered @Jester and the other Greywolves to check if I was a spam bot!

THAT was my first proper multiplayer gaming experience: Joining ZiiP.

I love everyone of you. You’ve done nothing but be fucking legends to me even when I’ve been a cunt (ok, I’m always a cunt, but on the occasions I was a super-cunt).


Vive La ZiiP.


Ah, back when you were known as Dave Salmon :smiley:


I think Vred wins ‘best-post-ever’ award :smiley:


While always being a gamer from the days of my C64 to my nes and snes days I was a late comer to the online gaming. I never really knew what it was until college. 1st student loan went on a pc and I talked Nicely into getting BF2 and we started MOA (can’t even remember what it stood for now tbh) We found a server we like and we stayed. Actually found a pic which I believe may have lend me to posting on the ZiiP forum due to some uncap attacking! screen014-2

Also, wonder post by Alex! From my big blue ZiiP tank to having a bounty on my head after 5 seconds on a server!


also UT99, on a 56k modem, with all the DM-Morpheus.


Like hammy I was late to the online gaming thing but my first true multiplayer experience, that was not sitting in the same room as friends on the spectrum, C64, Master System, Mega Drive, Amiga, NES, SNES, PS1 etc, was when I played Red Alert 2 over the Sussex University analogue phone system (I stayed in uni halls for my first year and free to call other rooms) in 1998 on a 56K modem with another dude on my course!

Then I think it was CS 1.6 as my first online game over le internetz!

I think the amount of time spent playing games online went up a lot was when pants introduced me to you wonderful bastards some time ago, pretty sure BF2 was the first online game I played with ZiiP and I still smile thinking about the days of tomfoolery in BC2 with the tracer dart gun causing much rage :smiley:

And then BF3 and BF4!



Hooo shit I first started online getting shit off wilddog :joy: playing gangster2 I used to freestyle poetry rhyme mid game to the annoyance of everyone

it wasn’t until I think it was medal of honour breakout I joined ziip from scottyboy telling me to mainly because I wouldn’t stop pestering everyone could be wrong thou drinkie drinky stopped my thinky

@vredesbyrd do you wanna bro down pony boyl :grin:


The one and only Voxel based DeltaForce 2, sneaking up to people whilst hiding in grass !




LOL this was also my 1st multi gaming experience.

Lining up you long range shots on a moving pixel and watching it vanish was very satisfying :slight_smile:


I was introduced to Online Gaming my a friend, playing this:


Red Faction 1 on dial up was mental



i started of playing unreal tournament (talk about ez :stuck_out_tongue: )
met Jes, joined ZiiP, rest is obvious :joy::joy:


Diablo 2! I still convert all currencies to SOJs in my head. The exchange rate has been very favourable this business quarter.


Real online play didn’t really click for me until I got invited onto a Batllefield 2142 server hosted by ZiiP - it was all glorious from then on out!


I’d also like to just say that I was playing a COD 4 night map with ZiiPsters when my FPS skills peaked and I was for one glorious evening the terror of the map, destroying literally every enemy player over and over again to the extent that I could hear Buggs crying as soon as I came round the corner and unloaded by hot stream of death into his face, and since that high tide of skill and aptitude I have always looked over my shoulder in love and awe at that delicious moment, proud of the achievement and sad that I will never see it’s likes again…


Fake news :joy: Pfft 20 characters I’ll give you characters… blurred to the end of devastation detonation contemplating organs falling a massive mass the parts are forming like scrooge mcduck through limbs am swimming smiling grinning depths am diving alive through bodies torn and writhing