War Thunder Version 1.73 Update Released


You lucky bastid everytime I come close to getting a blue print…it will always go between them all and give me a shitty trial one :)…but then again…your logins are a lot more than mine lol


thx for doing the logins Cal


No worries fella.

I got the Sturmpanzer unlocked for you and made a start on the wheeled skud-fucker (SkDfPz or whatever it is, I have nicknames for a lot of them…).

I also might have been really tired when I did the login on Monday and got confused and used the skill points on the tanks rather than your planes, because I’m an ass. Sorry dude. I’ll make it up to you!


LOL np dude. Thx for doing what you did


Well look what the Brits are getting for ground forces…


Ohhh fuck yes…but it will take me an age to get there lol


You’re talking 380,000 RP to unlock it.

1,050,000 to buy it. Another 380,000 SL to train it. Another 1,050,000 to Expert the crew. :confused:


Holy fuckballs! I just decimated an IS-6 and IS-4 with the Ontos!

6-shot recoiless AT shots with crazy armour pen, pretty quick reload speed.

I’ll try grab a video of it from the replay.



Yeah that thing can decimate if you get it right.