War Thunder Screenshots


A lovely, flawless round! Only lost my gunner at one point to a Stug F, charged him and took him out in return!


Some wonderful curb-stomping rounds from the last few days :blush:

This was 13 kills and no deaths in the Pz IV G :smiley:

Not played Tier IV Germans in a while. Ru-251 grabbed a point and wrecked a few things and some assists. Then the Jagdpanther came out and unleashed hell!


I had one use left in a simple 30% SL booster, so decided to have a cheeky round this morning… Worked out nicely :smiley:

12:0 not too bad at all. Seriously, Tier III is where it’s at, but you do run the risk of getting up-tiered against Jumbos and the like. Even KV-1’s aren’t much of a problem any more.