Total War Saga


Oh @Jester

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia unveils map 23 times bigger than Attila’s




Just looked at the Steam page. It seems to be set in 878AD - which is a good couple of hundred years into the early middle ages… well past the transition from end of the Roman Empire and into the time of Norse invasions from the north. Hmm - I wonder how long a period will be the game time? I quite like late middle age stuff - where technology was increasing and armies more organised, althought that can technically stretch up til the 1400s I believe… But saying that, the earlier periods will be more interesting because of the shear amount of factions involved.

Definitely be getting this…


After recently losing whole nights to warhammer 2, I am loving this idea.

also its 876 to 1066 Jester. On the FAQ here:

I wonder what faction I may pick…


So up to the Battle of Hastings. Makes sense.


so that’ll be the boss fight, right?


Fek me between this and mount and blade bannerlords my swordy pointy pokey days are gonna be filled


Please don’t be a bug filled mess, please don’t be a bug filled mess.
Very interested to see more on this


Total War AI is legendary.