The Division


I might have some LS gloves :slight_smile:


Got 2/3 of the masks running Lincoln Tunnel on hard/challenging but I’m getting fairly irritated with the GE crates giving me shite Greens in all three crates.

Maybe expecting an Epic in three crates is too much but expecting 1 decent roll in 6 cant be asking too much with the effort it took to get them…

I’ll keep grinding away while the event is on though.


Yeh, it “feels” like the rewards have been dumbed down a bit over last time, tbh. Don’t forget, though, if you get a green bit with a folder icon in it, it is part of the 6 gear gearset and is a higher score (normally) than the normal green gubbins.

O and I am available for DERPage most of the day, should I be required :smiley:


Some good games last night. Will be on again this Friday if anyone’s about


I will admit that two of them were attractive enough to consider, but both were a choice between a couple hundred points bump in one place at the expense of up to 1000 points in another.

Also, I did the Pnats thing last night: I went to the vendor and spammed ‘buy crate’.

30mil spent, 95 crates bought, sweet F-A from any of the crates, 10mil made back and 1500 or so Pheonix credits earned which I bought 4 boxes with and got four more lots of crap out of.

The loot feels broken after level 30.


The God of RNG is just not smiling :frowning:


Yeah, I did the Pnats thing as well. Didn’t realise how much credits I had locked up in shit. All crap, but then I was doing it for the PC really.


Al, personally, I would not recommend spending PC on crates - use it to roll weapons and / or buy good stuffs from the spec eqpt vendors (don’t forget there are 2 - one in basement, one in the new safehouse). Do have a nosey on YouTube for “vendor reset” vids as they come out early saturday mornings as the stock changes around midnight on friday and the vids are a reasonable guide as to what’s good and what’s not.


I just haven’t for the patience or will for that mate. As n0tch says, the RNG gods are angry enough at me as it is!

I also find the PC weapons from the vendor are no better than what I’ve got. I bought a pistol that is on there at the moment and then found something better during a run the next day.

I’ll keep grinding away and hope I hit the jackpot like Naloac.


I don’t think either of us were spending PC on crates, it was just normal credits. Well, it was for me. I just wanted the PC out of the crate to re-roll weapons as you suggest.


I spent 800 PC on crates since there were no weapons to buy and re-rolling doesn’t appeal to me.

I might dig up a weapon from my chest and try out some re-rolling on it so I’m not messing with my main weapons, but I just don’t like the sound of delving in to the meta like that.


Sorry, I was assuming you were using normal credits to get the crates that return PC.

Never assume as it makes…

You look like a dick.


I diverged from the Pnats method:

  • Use normal credits to buy basic caches to get drops and Pheonix credits
  • Sell trash items
  • Use Pheonix credits to buy PC caches from the PC vendor
  • Cry about the RNG
  • Sell the junk
  • Repeat

I need to do a full rework on my kit and start hunting for some better/different mods and attachments for everything and then just hope I get some lucky drops/RNG at this point. I’ll just keep hoarding cash like I was.


Al, the re0rolling of kit is EXTREMELY powerful, buddy. My M249 knocks REAL hard when I use a skill (box / defrib or turret if solo’ing) due to extra % of crit when skills are used. Also, (IIRC) kills = electronics boost or skill cooldown reductions, so as a whole my skills are up quite quickly. This in my medic build.

In my hybrid, I tend to stack damage dealing talents on weapons, eg increased crit / armour damage / damage to elites. In D3FNC build, tend to crit damage, armour damage and elites damage (or increase in damage at less distance) on SMG.

Even through my oblivion I notice quite a difference on how my guns “work” when I have a skill at play or not.

And this is why when working as a team, to be REAL effective (or to defeat Incursions on Legendary mode) everyone needs to be optimised to the nth degree.



I’ve not bothered re-rolling pretty much anything in the last 6 months. I did once with a quick release magazine mod and it turned to dogshit afterwards, so I never bothered after that.


PC for re-rolling of weapons - sorry, I didn’t make that clear.
Normal credits for the rest of the clothes etc. Again, DEFO makes a difference.

For my medic build, I’m aiming for this - following from a video that I posted earlier in this thread. :slight_smile: I believe it’s by MarcoStyle, a YouTuber.


Far, far too meta for me that Pnats.

What you do isn’t just re-rolling. You’re hitting the meta from all angles with your gear, mods, attachments, skills, re-rolls - min/maxing to a degree that just doesn’t appeal to me.

I could re-roll stuff like you do, but I’d need to start changing and tweaking my kit to support or make proper use of anything good I get out of a re-roll.

I supposed I can’t whinge about rubbish RNG if I don’t make the most of the systems in place, but making use of those systems isn’t what I want out of a game really. The Division paints its self as an MMO but is just not-MMO-ish enough for me to enjoy it.

I’ll just shoot things and be happy with shooting things.


concerned - are you giving up on the Division?


Must admit, I just pick the best of what I have from drops and take apart everything I don’t use.


I’ve sold about 1 million credits-worth every evening the last while. Before this week, I’ve been deconstructing things for resources in case I come across any decent weapon mods.