The Division


Any information on what the thingy you need to thingy to get the mask thingies actually is yet?

How many digital dudes do I need to shoot, in what way do I need to shoot them and where do I need to shoot dem dudes?


Don’t shoot them in the mask. That’ll ruin it for you.


that event thing do you need to be lvl 30 for that?


After I went back to base and made a hybrid green loadout of 3 x 2 different set pieces (Striker, DeadEye and another I can’t remember though all with decent +crit +hs +acc stats) and mod up the rifle pants got gave me I decided to do the Hospital mission on world tier 5 and hard for a daily.

It was HARD.

But I did it and it was great fun. Using the rifle is sooooo much fun. Then mop up any CQC with the turret and the 800 rpm AR.

I’ll be on again tonight.


From what I gather, all enemies are comedy grenade dropping on death (scalable damage + effect like difficulty level)
When you do dailies and certain area clears you get monies in the special currency to buy the boxes which result in (I think) random drops of mask…I’ve done one mission on an easy setting (joined some low level pubbers and had to revive the lot of them a couple of times)

This is going to be quite the drind… not sure IICBF


This thingy shows you how the event scales;

P.S. I love how a simple prtscr screen grab and ctrl v throws images up in our new forum


So taking Times Square power Relay as an example - set your world level to 1 and do it as a daily and you get one GE monies. Set it to 5 and you get 150…so for best monies, go hardest. Obvs.


Nice one Spoonster!

I’ll be on with Kate farming this tonight, probably between 5/6.


Myself, The Showstopper and Allejandro shall be with you!


Need me some Allejandro…


dunno Reno @spoonlamp?


Just been trough a big reddit thread on it. You have to be lvl30. It’s endgame content.

I did also find only buy the 1500 token superior crates. The other lower ones are poo.


Sorry - I logged out to try with my low level alt - Sinéad - but I can’t log back in now :frowning:


Nothing compares to you.


Absolutely do NOT waste your earnings on the lower crate. Also, any unspent earnings “stick” until the next round.

The last 2 events, I set all to maximum and didn’t have great dramas. :smiley:
O and I shall be on in the next 10 minutes :*


Steph is going out rowing tonight at about 6pm so I’ll be on the moment she walks out the door :grin::grin:


Well…I R still at work :frowning:

Once I get home ima eat something and then jump on for some division :slight_smile:


Solo’d a bunch of small random shite tonight, unlocking WSP and the Resistance areas and a few dailies.

Fuck me i love the weapon setup I have now.

Alejandro and Showtopper are an insane combination in terms of sheer volume of fire.

Add the signature skill on top of that and the Lone Star “instant reload” skill and you can put down a lot of people in a very small space of time.

If folk are around tomorrow evening to try grind some of the GE, I might tag along.


cAol, now is the subtle bit… Make sure you have enough of the 3 things (firearms, stamina, electronics) to unlock all the weapon talents. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, gloves and kneepads stuff stacks, so if you can get / re-roll gloves to give LMG damage, and kneepads to give LMG damage, they stack. Then you get the increase in perks etc. Is complex,subtle and have to be thinkinbg about how to spec kit to compliment weapons / role. :slight_smile:


Oh aye, everything is active and stacking nicely.

I have health regen from kills, stacking damage for the LMG with each hit from cover, increased accuracy as the drum empties on the shotty, as well as 5/6 Lone Star gear, so I get the 8% damage boost from the gear as well.

Just looking for Lone Star gloves now.