The Division


Took me a minute to recognise your rifle as a SCAR, the paint job really hides it’s shape and makes it look like a rifle from BF 2142 or something, I like it!


Just had a blast on World Tier 4. Not a great deal of difference. Got some matching green set gear though :smiley:


Should be about tonight @MicJules. Fucked if I am going down the garage in this weather.


Available now for an hour if you fancy a game?


Reno I have a low level alt that I’ve not used - think it’s about level 11 or something, would be fun to team. Doing Dark Zone stuff at lower levels is a good way to get to know your way around it and not worry that you’re going to lose incredibly good kit if someone murders you. Not that the DZ is compulsory.


Agreed - I tired it solo a couple of days ago and got to wave 5 before I got the call from the Boss downstairs :wink:


So to avoid a Boss fight you didn’t get to the Boss fight?


@ChEd - I NEED a bullfrog :ffs: :triumph::sob: Mind, I REALLY want The House…


Also, new Global Event (so really for folks that are level 30) starts at midday tomorrow. The last 2 have been “add stuff to options to get more points”. And we all know what points mean… PRIZESSSSSSSSS!!!

Can get exotic gear sets to get 6 piece stuff for uber bonuses and also exotic shizzle fer yer points via caches from the bloke downstairs (not underground).


Lol! Aww panties! You and your “words”!

(Can anyone please tell me what he’s talking about?)


@spoonlamp - where are you?


You on now?


@Leepants - They are rather awesome! I honestly cant remember where or how I got mine! I remember rolling some bits on it but I still have one thats not fully active.

I really need to go through all my gear sets and see what sets I have and just try out some alt gear loadouts as its a lot easier now thanks to teh ability to save loadouts.


New Global event starting on the 12th until the 18th:


Ooooooooooooooooo - that sounds fun! Distance = key, it seems! Shame my “tank” build is a shield build! lol. Be reet.

O and also for daily fun stuffs, a map! This is my “default” run around. Per second gain of kit is pretty good.
I recommend if solo going for medic type build, bit of firearms to get talents on weapons unlocked and a turret for a bit of crowd control.


It better not be a ‘I have no life and play video games 24/7’ level of effort to get those masks or am gonna be piiiiiiiiiiiiissed.



Servers are down :frowning: big pain in the arse


Probably part of the new Global Event update. Hopefully it will clear up any connection issues people have been having too.


Servers are back up - I’m in the thingy