The Division


I didn’t understand where you were, buddy - sorryyyyyyyyyyyy! Possibly another tip - it’s a cover-based game :wink:


I’ve just gone through the process of getting this download started and I’m like “woah - have I really played this for over 220 hours??”



WHERE’S YOU TACTICAL BEANIE!? *Bobble mandatory!


My guys kit is all over the place. I don’t have any complete gear sets, in fact the best I can muster is 2 of anything. I can see me spending a lot of time just trying to figure out the best kit again.
Hovering around the 203 level mark…


I fired it up and played a couple of small missions, my character is not that bad but he does get mullered by high level mobs quite easily.

Here he is and yes that is a FAMAS :blush:


I’d deffo be up for getting back into it by running some challenge mode missions and trying the “horde” mode if anyone is about tomorrow? we should arrange a time and get on TS :smiley:

Happy to help others level up and get more loot too!


I got in trouble lady night for being on this too long!
I was just trying to figure out what gear to wear!!!
Wifey gong or now for a couple of hours so I’ll be in this grinding my way along the first docks area


At work now then some shopping shizz to sort out but then I’ll be on for this/R6/Airmech if anyone is around for any of those later.


I’ll be on from about 17:00 for some Division stuffs and then AirMech after I reckon, unless Donal and Roisin are kicking around this evening.



Beans. I’ll be on for some of the bounty hunter missions/dailies/weeklies/named enemy farming. Maybe another go at the new stuff but I think I need to get my wits about me with Division again first.


Awesome games Notch, Spoon and Raven :slight_smile:


Yeah thanks for the pew - was fun getting used to where things are again :slight_smile:

Gear level thingy now at 242 - rapid progress, although not much in the way of complimentary green kit sets…


I think I am up to around 220 now thanks to you guys. Got about 5 set greens as well, although all from differing sets.

Mic, what World level was it set to last night?

Need to get four on for some Resistance.


N0tch most likely level 1. Level 5 and you get the best stuff.


I think we should turn it up a bit, we were smashing through reasonably easily. No real need for any thought on loadouts.


i had a good time playing with Caloan the other night i have brought it as it’s on sale so i’l be popping on and off it every now and again


Something I would definitely recommend is to collect every single collectable on the map.

You get 11000xp for each Phone/Drone/Survival guide/Laptop/Echo/etc which means, if you’re level 30, you will get a crate every 4 collectables.

Even if you don’t get any good drops, you’ll rake in the cash and can spend it on the boxes @Leepants does that get you Pheonix credits.

In addition to this, give the ‘named boss map’ a google and do a run on those guys at a higher level. A few of us did a full run on the non-Dark Zone named bosses at tier 5 and were getting loads of Gold and Green drops with a few Epics sprinkled in.

If you can survive the extraction, doing a survival run wouldn’t hurt either - I got my SRS and a few other bits from the last one I did and haven’t been able to find anything better since.

@Leepants is the fountain of knowledge though so it might be worth pecking his head for some tips on gear levelling or at the very least do some runs with him, he’s a proper generous bugger with his gear and will drop anything and everything he doesn’t need.


Level 1 @n0tch as @spoonlamp was getting back into it and me as I had not played for 6 or so months.

I am normally tier 4 (baddies are level 33) and the drop higher stuff.
Let’s try and get on there and try for it.

What days/evenings can you muster?


i am tis good atm ( i have no idea of im doing good


Are you having fun? That’s all that matters :slight_smile:

Find a weapon loadout that you like and just crack on :slight_smile: