Player Unknown's BattleGrounds (aka PUBG)



i still find it odd this has taken off here, when no one would download and 800MB mod and try battle royale for free, and i got into this because no one would play BR, because no one in ziip has any interest in that type of game or the hassle of managing an 800MB download.

I tried to get folk into PUBG when it launched, when it would’ve been free to do so; no dice. Seriously, you’ll all pay now but back in summer 2016 when it was free no one had any interest? This is why i don’t play now very much; i can only assume that the issue wasn’t with the game, but with folk not wanting to game with me, especially as some people are INCREDIBLY NEGATIVE FOR EVERY WAKING MINUTE OF THE GAME.

now there’s also folk who haven’t played it happily slagging it off. some of those people play wastelands, the worst form of arma, and this is a better wastelands than wastelands. Its got all the non-combat shit people love about wastelands: looting, looting, hanging about a bit, more looting, running a bit, looting etc, but with some structure and a time consideration that prevents it from turning into two hours of sitting on a hill.

I’m also 100% certain there are folk who won’t play this because it’s popular, which is a shame as the nature of the game means there’s none of the toxic behaviour that pollutes most other popular titles.



Definitely not a case of not wanting to game with you dude! I wasn’t around much the last year and a bit so missed out on the free version.

If you want a few games, Xander, Nal, Mic and myself have all got it and are free a fair few evenings.


oh i’ve no issue with folk who weren’t around not showing any interest, that’d be daft :slight_smile:

like i say, i’ll hop on and have a round or two every now and then, but i don’t think i’ll ever sit and play it for an afternoon or evening because i don’t think it holds my attention well enough.

Also that wasn’t intended so much as a rant as an unstructured outpouring of my current thoughts about the game, in light of some of the comments i read earlier in the thread. The truth, as always, is that i don’t really care.


My trouble is, I’m an absolute arsehole when it comes to new things and change.

and changing to new things.

I will probably give PUBG a try at some point - I do actually own it. I agree that the graphics don’t look as hot as ARMA III but I also appreciate that a good game isn’t born on graphics alone.

I think the thing that kinda put me off was watching videos and seeing cars climb hills and do triple backflips. That sort of arcade-physics doesn’t do it.

Guess I can’t have a true opinion until I play it… I’ll install it later. or… not install in and have no opinion.

Depends how much I drink this afternoon.


on the vehicles; they’re not great, but i think they’re fairly well balanced with the rest of the game; it’s both a positive and a negative that it doesn’t have vehicles that handle like arma 3’s strider, or roll/flip/glitch like arma 3’s non-striders.

Making them more realistic (damage model/repairing/physics) and they’d just stop being of any use in game; make them too easy to handle and too agile and they’d get OP fast. There is a middle ground between mariokart and DayZ manual gearbox bus driving that they need to balance, and they’re doing an alright job.

It’s one thing rockstar seem to have a better grasp of than everyone else (vehicle handling in a game where you’re not limited to vehicles). arma and pubg sit in the middle of a scale with GTA at one end and watchdogs at the other for me; they’re not great but they’re appropriate to the gameplay for the most part.


Are peeps playing mostly on 3rd person or 1st person mode? If Santa brings the monies like promised then I am likely to give it a whirl. I did always maintain I would wait till full release, part of me doubted it would make it this far and I would have liked to see more maps, but you cant argue with its popularity.


I’m playing a bit of both at the moment. Both have their merits.


I did not know this was available in 2016, would have played it. And then started youtubing and making loads of dosh with it.
Adrock it is your fault that you did not get me to play this in 2016, hence I’m out loads of dosh :slight_smile:


honestly didn’t think you were about back then :confused: i had a wee post about it on the previous forum (probably in the arma 3 or pvp threads); it was all closed alpha then beta testing; they’d announce it, send you a steam key for the client, then stick servers up for a long weekend. i still have the client on steam; it says i registered it July 26th 2016. It’ll also still let me install it for some reason.

Quite early on you could sign up saying you were interested, on the BR site, and why you’d be a good member of the community (i pointed out my however many hundreds of hours of arma 3 at the time and got in straight away). You had to join discord and provide feedback/take part in the community. It wasn’t super exclusive though, i believe there were around 8,000 of us initially.

It may have been a case of i was too keen and it put folks off, i’ve seen that happen before.


PUBG Acquired. Do I need the test server at the moment? Or can that wait?


Nope, just the normal one, the test server was used (and may well be in the future) for testing the release version, new maps etc.


Just kidding mate. Anyway I was not really on the old forum. And the game was not discussed on TS to my knowledge.


i figured as much but thought i would clarify the circumstance to avoid any potential misunderstanding :smiley:

If i get bored enough tonight, i’m going to hop on my home VPN and try and stream it (among other things) to my laptop. What could go wrong with high latency and a trackpad.


I’ve finally taken the time to play this. My opinion has changed slightly.


  • The graphics are much better than I have seen in other people’s videos.
  • On the whole it is very smooth. Infact, the overall aesthetics of everything is pretty pleasing.
  • The UI/UX is handled well - Obviously loot speed is a “thing” because you don’t want to be in a menu when there are fuckers out to kill you. Compared to older variants of Dayz and similar games (even ARMA III) when you have to be looking at loot from exactly right spot and right angle before it will see it or allow you to select it… PUGB handles it much better.
  • For a single life game it doesn’t take too long to get back into the action.
  • Nice variety of guns and equipment.


  • This isn’t a negative for the game, it is opinion - and that is after a few rounds of getting stuff, running around, stalking a few people (actually getting a few kills)… dying, starting again. I started to feel a bit bored already. I mean, I get what the game is about - and there must be a huge satisfaction in actually being the winner. Equally, the last few minutes of just a handful of players must be really intense. But for what I played, it didn’t grab me by the balls and say “you’re going to lose 2000+ hours to this bigboy!”

I imagine this is more fun in a party than playing solo. So I might give that a go at some point. I’ll certainly leave it install and play it again.


Tomknown Clanceplayers Gattle Brounds!!


and as predicted… that was more fun in a squad. Cheers @Xander and @Nalgaroth.


Yep squad is definitely more fun. Btw Jester you can disable the character rendering on the loot menu, drops FPS when it is on. Then again they might have just sorted that out with the latest patch, but I’m still in Denmark so would not know.


I see that 'killcam’ to ‘what actually happened’ is dubious.

Also… is this 'one of those things’ or ‘bullshit’?

(click picture to see in full)


In those circumstances, I would click Report.

No game is immune to hackers sadly