Game night! An idea for trying out different things


Anyone else have origin access? 4 quid a month and it gives you a load of free vault games. Could work well with this. I know star wars battlefront, titanfall and the bf games are on it.


i would think Fridays/Saturdays would be best, give every one a chance to buy/download/find the game and install, and play with out worry of the next days work etc


Fair play, that’s a good shout.

Weekend it is!


@Xander agreed with me… it just feels wrong :scream:


i won’t be on Saturday family BBQ to go to -_- will be Sunday though


Awesome, it’s like a book club for those that don’t read good


Anyone got ‘Pulsar: Lost Colony’ ?


The PVE mode in Titanfall 2 is also a good laugh.