Football Manager ZiiP League


It can be done, Its in the preferences. You can set matches for Wednesday and Saturday only but needs done before the game is made.

TBH, if its a drop in and out game I’ll most likely leave you all to it.


dammit - having to re-install the game.


Is the server up for a quick join etc?

Also what are rules for moving forward - I have a couple of days off and thought I might give this a go.


Can’t find the server :frowning:


It’s going up and down at the moment - mainly because no one was joining it. I also cleaned my server…

How about this for an idea… I run it over the weekend, and you just join and play as much as you want over that period?


Sounds good… :slight_smile:

EDIT: must be something wrong - can’t find the server.


Did this ever happen?

I just could never find the server.