Football Manager ZiiP League


@Leepants I prefer the challenge of tighter budgets, less talent to play with. Find it more interesting than the Big money shizz.


understood, Scotteh. However, varying budgets (REAL high in PL) could replicate the challenge? Wage bills too…


also just prefer playing with players and clubs less recognized.


Gotcha. Difficult to attract regen “wonderkids” though, so future isn’t as bright?


Bring through your own youth, train up sell on. Dunno. Just prefer building up team and club from scratch rather than already big budget.


Aye, I get that. My pushback is that PL comparative budgets are SO varied, it’s budgetarily harder than, say, League 2. I would suggest more so in Championship due to parachute payments.

Thinking aloud, buddy :slight_smile:

“Big” budget is relative to the others in that League…


Can we agree at least to give this a go… its feels like we are going round in circles and moaning about the level of interaction before we have even started.

@Scottyboy - there are challenges in the Premiership - Sunderland for instance (home grown talent) little money could suit your needs.


Only way this will work, is if we all agree on a night and time to play. Wednesdays suit everyone?


Right - after briefly reading through this thread, I didn’t realise that there would be so much opposing opinion.

Personally - The championship has more scope to making a balanced game. My reasoning is that there are a lot of good clubs, as proved by those that got promoted last season Newcastle/Brighton/Huddlesfield with a lot of good other clubs Wolves/Leeds/QPR/Fulham/Wednesday/Preston/Derby who did well and are always in the mix too.

Money is generally balanced between clubs with clubs that have huge budgets like Villa or Newcastle have the penalty of a demoralised team as they have just been demoted. In the PL, if you play the top 6, what is there really to do?

Championship teams have more opportunities to promote from their homegrown under-23, to take on loan from the PL or to trial L2 players and build them up. PL team have to be good out the blocks.


I’ve no issue with what ever league is picked, i’d prefer mid table Prem, but happy with championship. I think we just need to agree a time on when to play and stick to that. Its the not being on while others play I dont like.


More than happy with the Championship; I also have no problem with others playing on without me.

Due to my work project gaining pace and then the new job, I will be doing lots of travel between Home (South Coast) and London (2 days a week) and Oxford (2 days a week) so getting online to play on a set day will be difficult - hence my comment above.

I would like to be able to nip on and play but I am sure we can compromise and make a few rules about playing outside the set window. @st00kz would probably want to play this way as well.


can we at least try and get a server up and see if we can access it?

We can then work out whats’ what


Server online - I just restarted it because I had gone forward with it.


Password and login as above.

Ok - things to remember and note: I can’t just add a billion different leagues in with all the players in the world. My machine is working as a server as well as playing the game locally.

I’ve created this TEST league in the Championship. Pre-season start - medium database with leagues from Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Italy, Holland, N.Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Uruguay.


I should be on on Friday to give this a go. I take it I can just take control of a team when I join?


Which teams are taken?


So far only Villa & Newcastle (me and Adrock)

We’ve only moved on to the 9th July - so still in early stages. This is still really just a test so might restart by Friday. I’m still learning the game tbh.


Oh, and I’ll be turning my server off for a few hours later for maintenance.


No problem - post up when its back on but I wont be on til Friday :slight_smile:


i think, but can’t remember for sure, but when you create a game there’s an option to have matches rescheduled for TV. despite the lack of realism, i’d suggest we have that turned off so in the event we’re playing our matches we don’t have some folk stuck playing at different times.

Or, we leave it on so after we play our own games we can spectate on others.