Football Manager ZiiP League


Sounds like your assistant manager is sh*te! never had an issue when my ass man takes over. The main cause of my issues is that I have set them to use my tactic and it was wrong. When I leave them to use their own tactics, then they seem to do better.

I suggest we stick to Hammy’s original request for using Premiership Teams do to the lesser amount of games.

I am not worried about the Roll Back but happy to follow if you think its called for.

I think you need to ask yourself how in depth you want this first game to be. What type of manager are you?

For instance, do you play setting the training, spending hours on one day/week analsing match fitness and working on tactics or are you a “f*ck that - ass man can do the training” type manager, I want to wheel and deal in the transfer market.

Now I am definitely a wheeler/dealer manager, training is just not something that interests me. I get a gut feel and run with it. I trust my ass man and he normally comes through.

Looking at Hammy’s posts, I get the impression that trusting the AI Ass man is an issue and he is very hands on - a wonderful attribute - a tracksuit manager.

We are going to get a clash of styles of play which will be fun; But we will need to comprise our “normal” single player game mode mindset as the game could become really boring for players who do not go in-depth but equally, if we go too fast, people will get upset as three matches have gone by and they drew two due to wrong player selection.

In the “Go On Holiday” options, you can select play current tactic and current squad (when possible) so it could work for matches.

Is compromise an option?


I set my assistant to do the training, saying that I do hire about 5 extra coaches to cover it. But I dont trust them on match day tactics. But i do spend a lot of time on player searches and setting tactics.


A must for me is a Director of Football as they take a lot of the load off of me, youth contracts, loaning out players, staff contracts etc. I do add coaches I know can do a job that will help improve the coaching.

Tactics - I have a set three that I have developed and players have to bend to them or I sell 'em.

@Jester - can you check in the options if the online game will allow the “current tactic” and “Current Team/Squad” options exist?


Not being there when playing online isnt like going on holiday. You just leave with no options, well none that I seen.


I’ll set up an online game later to see what all settings there is, as I know this is Jesters 1st go at the game (or so I believe)


Premiership Teams for the 2016/17 game are:

In order how the real season ended:

Chelsea, Spurs, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd, Everton, Southampton, Bournemouth, West Brom, West Ham, Leicester, Stoke, Crystal Palace, Swansea, Burnley, Watford, Hull, Middlesboro, Sunderland

Should we restrict to middle of the table or allow any team. The reason I ask is the bigger the team, the greater the pressure to succeed or the “lesser” the team, the greater pressure of relegation.

I think it may be best to stay away from the Top 6 teams above but everyone else is free. However, rather than charge straight for a team, it gets randomly assigned. Two bowls, names of players in one, teams in another. Team is then pot luck - what do you think?

Budgets, Transfer Kitty, Wage Budgets

Team Transfer budget Wage budget

  • Arsenal £39.4m £3m (£2.4m start)
  • Bournemouth £3.6m £885k (£800k start)
  • Burnley £10m £582k (£525k start)
  • Chelsea £40m £2.98m (£2.7m start)
  • Crystal Palace £10.6m £1.4m (£1.3m start)
  • Everton £45m £1.56m (£1.4m start)
  • Hull £6m £699k (£675k start)
  • Leicester £9.5m £1.59m (£1.4m start)
  • Liverpool £40m £2.78m (£2.3m start)
  • Manchester City £28.9m £3.65m (£3.4m start)
  • Manchester United £31.3m £4m (£3.7m start)
  • Middlesbrough £3m £1m (£1m start)
  • Southampton £31m £1.49m (£1.2m start)
  • Stoke £9.5m £1.29m (£1.1m start)
  • Sunderland £12m £1.04m (£1m start)
  • Swansea £23.6m £1.2m (£1.1m start)
  • Tottenham £50m £1.87m (£1.5m start)
  • Watford £8m £1.05m (£950k start)
  • West Brom £9.7m £1m start (£850k start)
  • West Ham £6m £1.44m (£1.4m start)


Perhaps that may be what we need to do before logging out each time we play.


Only Premier League team I’d want to manage is Burnley.


Why Only Burnley?

Would you prefer Championship teams?

I will take West Ham (if option available)


Everton or West Brom for me


Had a quick play about with the settings, be easier for me to explain them when all on.


I’m in, BUT!!!

Can we have a “trial run” first - e.g. to find out how “often” would work, what PC overhead is for Jes / Adrock, whether connection speed is a factor (mine is utter shit in new place), what “automation” from our staff we would be happy with, what leagues we would want to run and also could run (processing time etc again) and to generally figure out WTF is going on as well as what the capabilities and also limitations of the multi-player game is / are (e.g. don’t forward until ALL have pressed forward).

My leagues would be ALL scandavia (cheap great players to be had) Brazil, Argentina, Ger, Fra, Holl, Bel, Serbia, bosnia, other balkan one who’s name escapes me, Ukraine, Russia, China (lots of talent went there), USA, Mexico at viewable (i.e. scoutable), English League (inc Premiership) playable. If there’s an option to set International / Regional competitions as “scoutable” (e.g. Africa Cup of Nations, CONCAF, South American version of Euro Cup etc.) then I’d like that too - again, great place to unearth talent. As below, I would like to go and have a look at my saved game in FM18 (and likely fm17) to see where may be relevant to find talent

As for choosing a starting club, I absolutely recommend english Premier Division - TV rights WILL kick in hard at 2018 season, so enabling us to get out of debt but also attract high end talent due to huge influx of monies. I suggest NOT having a club in any kind of euro competition as the ££ income will be a slight advantage.

My choice - Everton or Southampton. I may change my mind in a wee while!

Hope taht makes sense!

EDIT:- Spain, Portugal, Italy, poland, turkey, croatia, czech. MAYBE Uruguay, Chile, paraguay


TBH, with playing about with it, I think this could be hard to run, as you will almost need to all be on at the same point for it to work well.


Well this post moved fast.

My penny thoughts.

Not to play premiership. Play a fairly low league. I have not played this in a while but always preferred starting with a lowly team.

I certainly cannot commit to being on 3 times to be honest. Not for this so Id be out if that is the case. Being honest. I like the idea of once a week session on it. If things were to move on too much I kind think whats the point. I may as well just leave it to play itself. I want to play with you guys together.


Scotty - even we have a “trial period” to bed us all in, you’d still prefer lower league? As above, I recommend eng PL because of 2018 TV revenues, so can get decent talent etc in.

Why would you prefer lower league, buddy? :slight_smile:


I think Championship would be fine - its a tough league, plenty of games and a choice of sides that could be quite difficult to play.

I am not sure we could open all those leagues Pants cos of the overhead and the grindingly slow processing pace. A large DB should be adequate.


I hear ya, Mic. PL because, as above, crazy revenues and IMO the Championship is THE hardest league to get out of (arguably, Conference, though) and defo to stay out of with many teams with high expectations. PL challenge would be not relegation and also Euro qual, especially with the “big 6” likely to occupy the euro spots. Gives a challenge, but also a bit of security. :slight_smile: As always, though, happy to hear counters :slight_smile:

My personal, SP game, I open ALL leagues with biggest DB possible - I don’t like to miss out on regens after season 1. However, also appreciate processing time is looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnng!


Can’t find the server - is it up?


I have suggested above as a starter, opening as follows:

English League down to National as Playable

View Only - 1st divisions of Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Poss Scotland.

We need to compromise our single player game settings as we would be using a server across the net.


Need more view, Mic. Belgium, France, defo, and balkans BIG yes - MANY bargains to be had. Must have brazil and argentina as well, or our youngsters will cost WAY too much if buying south americans from non-south american clubs. And youngsters are a must, to get Home Grown going forward.

As suggested - start a “trial” with a “solid gold” wish list and remove from there, depending on requirements. Always start hard, and remove to suit :wink: We simply have absolutely NO idea on how it will run, so why compromise to begin with? :wink: