Football Manager ZiiP League


May I suggest, Large DB, English League to National League (Playable)
1st Division Only of Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Argentina (View Only).

Disable 1st Transfer Window so we have funds.
Start in Early Pre-Season


I’d have a lot more leagues playable. I normally run with all England, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Holland and Spain. Agree with large DB, but all transfer windows open.

Also, while Jes can leave the server running, you will need everyone to be on to do anything really, as it requires each player to click continue to move the game forward.

Also, Leeds are shit to start with! 500k transfer budget!! What am I to do with that!


Admins can set timers to force moves, or move everyone forward regardless.

I’m happy to make people admins as soon as we don’t use it to our own means… let’s discuss the best way of doing it.


Equally, I’m peaking between 20%-40% CPU usage (20 on tables, 40 in a game)

I’m on an AMD A10-7860K (4 CPU Cores, 8 GPU Cores, with 16GB RAM) – Nothing else is on the machine except Hyper-V, currently running 1 VM)

So we could do with more people being on to see how it handles then we can up the database/leagues

I added Division One and Two of Italy, Spain, Belguim, Germany, Netherlands & Portugal.


The reason I suggested only English playable is that we want to play together and the processing power hopefully would not be severe. The game is a number cruncher and with that many leagues open and playable it may run like a dog.

Also, the disable transfer window or the phrase it uses means all the funds already spent would be freed up to allow you to purchase as if you first entered pre-season.

I don’t mind being kicked on by admin if we are holding up the game.


G’day mateys. I could be up for some of this. Will need to acquire the game. But would also really like to understand in more detail how it would work multiplayer. Is it as Hammy suggests and we all need to be on to click continue? If so a weekly game time would maybe work best?


Personally, I think having us all on at the same time is the only way we can get this too work


I don’t see why. I’ve been playing a bit Hammy - Can you log back in and see what state the game is for you? whether you are where you left, or if it has moved forward without you are what?

Need to understand how it works.


It has moved on and simmed all my matches. It does work that you dont have to be there, but I’m now at a disadvantage by not being able to play. I’ve not had time to look for new players, and set up my team how I wanted.


At least we have found it works and we don’t need to be there at the same time to play and I think that was the aim of this test.

I think a set day to be able to set things up may be of use when we are in Pre-Season/up to close of Transfer WIndows so that people can manage their teams/buy players etc.

However, once the window closes, then the set day can still be used but not regimented so if you are not there then so be it. But you can login at other times.

We will probably need to set down rules for outside the set day so that you don’t press the game ahead for more than 2-4 weeks (game time) unless there is agreement from others.

I think we would need to be active either in game or in the forum to be able to follow what’s happening, with posts to say what date the game was left at, when the restrictions come into force for mid transfer windows etc.

I am going to try and be online this evening to try out login in the league. I may have to do a re-install of the game as I played about it with some of the “player own updates”.


TBH, I wouldn’t be too happy with other playing without me. It puts you at a big disadvantage even if you miss a week. I came back to 66 messages, a cheeky bid from Jes for a player and 3 injuries, which could have been avoided. If someone moved it forward more than a few days, you lose out on so much.


Another potential option is that I set the auto save to say, monthly or whatever - and when regroup to have a session, I roll it back to that point. If anyone has played on regardless of others then they’ll lose that data… but it means we can all stay at a similar position.

Mic is right though - pre-season and the transfer market is the bit we don’t want to skip over… once in season, other than dealing with injuries etc, it is more automated (in that if the computer does make decisions for you, it isn’t end of the world)


Id disagree, if you dont play and its moved on for a week, it can set you back. It will play teams you wouldn’t even dream of putting out. Defenders in Midfield because they have 1% more match sharpest than your star midfielder etc


Really? That’s a bit shit.

Now I know how Steve Bruce plans his teams in real life! :smiley:


Use the quick pick at some point, and you’ll get a rough idea of how your assistant manager will send your team out.


If someone moves it on a week, and you’ve 2 matches that week, it can really do you over. Personally, if it was moved on, and I missed a match, I’d not be too happy (unless its a 5 nil win) for that reason. Plus they stick to that tactic, it will not change it if you need to during a match.


Ok, how about then that we have 2 or 3 “sessions” a week. Mon/Wed/Fri for example. We play a limited period of time for that session… say 1 or 2 weeks max. We can set a maximum continue rate of 10-20 minutes to ensure that “session” is completed.

If you miss a session, you might miss a match. or you might not… but it shouldn’t put you so out of sync that it destroys your game completely.


Quick google on how online works, and this is the 1st thing that comes up:

I would advise all playing at the same time. When someone is not in-game his assistant manager takes over (he WILL fuck up).


Could work, but bear in mind that you could have up to 3/4 “contuines” a week depending on player bids, scouting reports etc


Yes. Be sure to have the host change matchday preferences though, preferences >> match >> match scheduling options.

Set it to use saturday and wednesday matchdays so everyone plays their games at the same time and you don’t wait for others to play theirs. Has to be done before the fixtures for a season are calculated.

That could be an option.