Football Manager ZiiP League


Ok, I was speaking to @adrock briefly about this last night. I honestly didn’t realise that Football Manager had a full multiplayer function built into it - I thought it was a single player game, especially as @MicJules posted up his club progress.

A load of us used to play Fantasy Football. Who would be interested in a long-term game of Football Manager? We can setup one of our home servers (either mine or adrocks) as a null client that can run constantly. If we went for Football Manager 2017 (rather than 18) then anyone who doesn’t own the game can get it for less than £10 from

I like the idea of a persistent real-time game that we can all tap into and interact together with.

I have absolutely no idea of the mutliplayer functionality so will need to look into it fully to see if it is possible - But, if it is possible, who is up for it? @Hammy, @MicJules, @st00kz, @Leepants, @VirulentPip, Others?


i’m game for it, depending on how it works


Would love to give it a go but just not got much time for gaming at home atm.

Thx for the thought tho Jes


Well, if we get it up and running you can join in at any point :slight_smile:


If we get this started, can I suggest, mid table premier league clubs for us all?


Never tried it multiplayer before but happy to give it a go :slight_smile:


Yeah defiantly up for this!


As FM2017 will be starting in 2016/17 season, perhaps the Championship may be a better bet.

Hammy, Ad, Jess can go for your favourite clubs and it would be an intriguing fight for promotion.


What night suits everyone? Wednesday?


I believe it’d be ongoing


Ongoing would be ideal as a set night could become tricky :slight_smile:

Not sure head to heads would work


Anyone played it yet to see how it works?


Only ever played a one-off match against Adrock, never played online before


I’ll load it on my server later. I’m pondering if I might spin up a Steam OS VM - if that is even possible…


Also… We’ll do a test season to start with… just to see how it work - might only be a few games long.

After that, we’ll do something long term – and I might run a semi-permanent Twitch feed on it too (bandwidth & data allowing)


I can be online tomorrow from around 7.30, if not it will have to be Friday/Weekend.


i’m off today if anything needs testing


Well, Steam OS is a bag of junk… especially on a VM. Managed to get the loader to work… with a graphically output - but no available input control.

I’ll just load Steam onto my server direct. Shame… really wanted to see what Steam OS was like…


Ok, see if you can log into the test league:

name: ziipleague9832
password: bananatennisstraw


joint ok. need to agree on a few settings, leagues data base size etc