Battlefield 4? Maybe?


God damn massive game. Downloaded the base yesturday, that was already 26gigs


just started it up, loaded the map for 5 mins, put into a server with one other person, closed game loaded up star wars.


Anyone interested in a game tomorrow?

Happy to play on Normal or Hardcore


Yup. HC or N for me. Will go with flow.


am not a fan of the softcore either fella doesn’t feel right when your playing
because your used to the hardcore mode you shoot someone they drop
not you shoot someone…wtf die you bastard ahaahhha an then you die :confused:


sorry mic, uninstalled :slight_smile:


Really enjoyed games tonight. Good fun mess about early on with @mars and @NaloaC and then later on with @blackraven @fl3xxxo @MicJules @RoGuE

Still holding up well for me, That server was not too bad, think standard of players were really high so made it a good challenge.

Really enjoyed lumphini gardens. Good teamwork. Splitting up into smaller team to tackle b and hold e I think really was the start for our team getting back into that map.


Downloaded about 50gb of this fucking game. You all better keep playing it :smiley:


Really enjoyed the games last night! Although I think I’ll personally stick to the normal game modes. I haven’t quite got the eye for hardcore any more!


Yes that was good last night(even without beer). btw @DM501 that 50gb is just the base agem. :slight_smile:


Some solid games last night; I think we should head to Normal mode next; perhaps alternate so people can experience both types of game play.

First 5 rounds last night, I was 1-20 in most rounds… just could not hit a thing.

Really good thing last night, I was the only one to get tags, eh @fl3xxxo :smiley:


Anyone for BF4 this evening?


Will not be back till about 9.30. But probably play sum bf4


I usually play bf4 as its the only game have updated at the mow


Shout at me on Teamspeak when you’re free, they are all playing GTA 5 tonight but I am free


Be on shortly. Back a bit sooner.


Absolutely awesome games tonight, Morphine came on. Had a 4 v 3 ZiiP match on the Bumbee Server. We lost Alex but I understand why he went… @vredesbyrd - I am always around for some Titanfall 2 matey - you seem to enjoy that 100000% more!

Scotty, Geeza, Rogue, Blackraven, Flexxo - truely epic games tonight !!


Just don’t find it fun any more. Even on Hardcore. Uninstalled to avoid temptation.